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The October 27 Archive currently contains 176 objects and is regularly being expanded with more material. The archive includes flyers and programs from community gatherings held since the October 27 attack, a comprehensive collection of news coverage about the day of the event, oral history recordings reflecting a diverse array of experiences, and historical documentation about the Jewish experience in Western Pennsylvania.

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7 Adar 5779 Annual Dinner program

Pages of typed text with illustrations. Includes test of newly written prayer for New Community Chevra Kadisha members, verses include Psalm 121:1 and Hosea 14:7, Talmudic citation from Rabbi Akiva (Mishna Yoma 8:9), prayer for guests of the New Community Chevra Kadisha, the Priestly Blessing, and a translation of Tefilat Haderech (The Traveler's Prayer") by Debbie Friedman

Historical Notes

New Community Chevra Kadisha is a Jewish burial society in Pittsburgh established in 2005. It performs tahara (ritual purification) and other death and burial rites for the recently deceased. It also serves as an educational resource about Jewish rituals and traditions related to dying, death, and funerals. It hosts an annual dinner each year around the Hebrew date 7 Adar, which is the anniversary of the death of the Biblical prophet Moses and a traditional time for Jewish burial societies to honor their otherwise anonymous members. The New Community Chevra Kadisha was one of two local Jewish burial societies responsible for tending to the victims following the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue on October 27, 2018. One of its members was killed in the attack and another was severely wounded. Its 7 Adar programming in early 2019 including a commemoration of the attack and its victims. That year, the New Community Chevra Kadisha also worked with artist Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky to present her painting "The Tree of Life Is Weeping" to victims and survivors of the October 27 attack. This handout was given to attendees during its 7 Adar dinner in 2019 and elements were read collectively.

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